Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Experimental music

Based on wikipedia, experimental music is like reaching for the music which are beyond from the boundaries that created by the artist. Usually people will comment and argue about the music, "what the hell are you listening to?" I used to have that similar kind of thought, but when i try to understand the music, I totally appreciate this kind of musical effort. Sick and tired with the usual crap that brought by the artists (bieber and gaga are included), experimental band seems to fulfill what i need.

Radiohead is like the father of experimental band. From their appearance, looks like a bunch of jerks slamming their instruments to produce sounds. Totally wrong, they are oxford graduated, working on a revolution of music. For the first time I heard their song, I totally disagree with their style, but then I start to wonder why this band is huge among other bands? I try to understand and listen carefully, damn, what a great way of expressing emotion through music.

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are the creator of the band. I can say the concept of the band is 100% experimental. Because they introduce the band through animated band character, which they want to change the mentality of people from idolizing so much the artists into appreciating the music itself. The experiment is more on hip-hop and alternatives music which appreciating more on the east culture.
One day, Damon and Jamie sat on the couch watching MTV, they said, enough with this crap. I think we can do better than this, but slightly different. So, during 98/99, they started to create this whole Gorillaz thing. They also condemn about the idea of American Idol which people appreciating the person more than the music. Total sickness by recent trend.

Linkin Park already has their loyal fan worldwide. What is special about the band is they try to create something new in every album, still they got their fans behind their back. No matter what they did, people know how to appreciate their effort. With their new album A Thousand Suns released, they are finally serious on experimenting music. Not all people will understand, those who are really listening will get it.

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